November 11, 2010


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So I normally consider myself an early adaptor [see here] but this time, I feel more towards the later end of the curve :/

What I’m saying is that I finally gave in a joined twitter?! It was a fun experience, getting help from my friends, of whom I am the one to normally give technical advice..My when the tables turn…. The feeling of coming across something new is always fun. I enjoyed it while it lasted!

Its seems like I have everything down – for some reason I thought this would be a very complicated experience.. But when I think of twitter for what it is, micro-blogging, it seems like the next logical step in life and should be quite fun

As I said in one of my tweets, I think I might actually enjoy this. We will see how it goes…

Find me @tisha_te


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  1. Noelle said,

    Tisha you didn’t! You are a tweeter now?! Sigh. Another one has lost the battle. lol. When it comes to technology just call me ‘late majority’ or simply a ‘laggard’… I’m not ashamed, although apparently it is assumed that I’m old with no ‘opinion leadership’ and low socio-economic status!

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