December 4, 2010

My Musical Mayhem Explained

Posted in God Music at 8:16 am by askandimagine

SO to most people it is no surprise that I LOVE MUSIC! Like really love it. I can listen to music like I’m getting paid for it 🙂 I grew up in a musical household, which probably has a lot to do with this. There usually was never a silent moment in the house; I woke up to loud hip-hop and went to sleep to smooth R&B.

Once I became a Christian, though, my musical world shifted. I’ll spare you the details, but I eventually didn’t have a desire for the music I grew up with. It wasn’t a “I can’t listen to that” type of thing, but the desire was just not there anymore. So my Christian music journey began…

I was content with this for a couple of years, but in the past year of so, I have had this hunger to find great – unique – excellent – God inspired – AWESOME music. I refuse to settle for what is on continuous play on Christian radio. DO NOT get me wrong — I love a lot of these songs but there is SOO much more.

[I really do believe that God’s people should excel in the arts. I long for that day when we have no. 1 hits. I’m talking about not only worship music, but encouraging music, and music about life. Religion says “it has to be this way and this way only”. We know that this mindset has caused a lot more damage that good. In the same we should not put the music of God’s people in a box.]

Off that rabbit trail — anyhow, knowing that there’s got to be some fresh sounds out there put me on this search that probably will never end – “discovering” new or underground artist who love God and love expressing their thoughts and feelings through music.

Now that I have said all of this I think that you will understand why I was so pleased to find this website. This will be a nice tool for me and it put a alleluia smile on my face the other night! Must I mention the beauty of their website — very cutting edge – but that’s another post for another day 😉


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  1. ok so that website wasn’t that great once I tried to really explore it 😦
    here is a much better one…

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