December 6, 2010

10 Reasons I love Winter…

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Decorated Snowflake

Lil' sis decorated this snowflake w/ paint and lots of glitter

10. It makes me appreciate the North East that much more. Suddenly the hustle and bustle is understood and power walkers like myself don’t get as many strange looks.

9.  Hot drinks. Not a big hot chocolate fan or chocolate period for that matter (sorry ladies), BUT there’s nothing like good apple cider and of course you can’t go wrong with hot tea, especially chamomile.

8. The movies are awesome! The Wish List is my favorite ABC family movie to catch. I really need to track down the dvd. Of course, it’s not Christmas without A Christmas Story. This winter I think I will branch out…I’ve yet to see A Wonderful Christmas :/

7. White elephant gift exchanges. Aww man getting excited just thinking about it. The bad experiences have been wiped out of my memory, but I do know that last year I received a Snugglie! My new best friend during this time of year.

6. The sight of snowmen. I don’t really actually making a successful snowman, but they are always fun to spot in front of homes. Some families really are creative.

5. I feel like a warrior when going out to face the cold. It’s really a battle sometimes. Starting from the moment I wake up and have to get out of bed, continuing to deciding the best way to layer in order to maintain my heat levels, all the way to walking in the cold and enduring the sensations of frostbite. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..haha

4.Christmas –duh. Aside from the gifts and such, Christmas and winter are almost synonymous and family time, although sometimes difficult, is always treasured and much needed.

3.  Christmas –duh. Yes I said it again. Jesus is the reason for the season, you know. Its great to reflect on the Saviour of the world, specifically the humility displayed in the story of how he came to earth.

2. Heat is appreciated. Only a select few will complain about a room being too hot when coming in from the cold. Sitting at the fireplace is my hobbie. There is nothing like it in the wintertime. Another reason to love going to Grandma’s (or Nanny’s as we call her.)

1. The snow is so pretty! I don’t think I need to say much more about that.

*I felt the need for this post as it was FREEZING cold out this morning. It kind of sneaked up on me, did not see it coming. Winter is on the way!


July 6, 2010

I Made Bread!

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It’s funny how some things in life you will never do unless you absolutely have to. Making bread is definitely one of those things for me. Especially living 2 minutes away from a grocery store; it is SOO much faster to buy rather than labor for a fresh loaf.

Nevertheless, I was blessed a couple of months ago with a bread machine. I had been told that I could save some money by just making my own bread. This is understandably so, as we (the two of us) go through about a loaf and a half each week.

So after having this bread machine stare at me for about a month (at times while I was even eating store bough bread), I finally decided to go ahead and try it.

First let me explain that it was a unique situation that led me to do this with such urgency and determination. While everyone loves a three day weekend, it not as fun when your waiting for a check to come in. Low and behold the usual happened: we ran out of bread…

“Nobody panic! We have flour, yeast, so all is not lost,” I thought. Long story short, after 3 hours and 40 minutes, some weird sounds, and uncertainty as to whether or not the bread would rise, a small loaf of fresh baked bread emerged! It definitely tasted different than usual, but it was fresh  and free of preservatives and God knows what else.

After tasting success, I’m thinking I might just have to keep the trend going. I bought some unbleached whole wheat flour – unbleached, since I’m planning on making this as healthy and as tasty as possible – and a 3 pack of QuickRise yeast. Who knows maybe one day I’ll be able to really make bread. After all, I did make chipates 2 days later, which do require kneading and using a rolling pin…My Kenyan friends would be proud 🙂