June 29, 2010

The Communication Model Revisited

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So if you have studied communication at any point you will have heard of the Communication Model. The main components being the sender, receiver, noise,  the message, and the channel the message is sent through (oh yes I passed my exam on this). Here is a visual for you visual learners:

Here is the thought. Although we intuitively understand that in order to communicate there must be someone who is sending it and someone who is receiving it. What we fail to grasp is the idea of noise. Yes it is the obnoxiously loud tv, endless chatter or laughter, the relentless fire truck siren and I could think of so many more, but we fail to grasp the spiritual ramifications.

I have to be entirely honest and admit that this thought initially came from Will Hart. I heard him speaking through a webcast at a conference some time ago. I don’t remember entirely what he was speaking on, but I do recall him saying something that could be taken in a good way or bad way – to build up or tear down. He made it clear that he was speaking in love and if you are feeling condemmed those are not the word coming out of his mouth. Over and over he said this as he shared a message filled with conviction. It stuck with me for some time. Recently I connected this idea with the Communication Model. Often when we are communicating in many ways we forget on a deeper level to block out the noise around us and focus on the actual message.

Just think about the last time you were offended at what you thought someone was saying that they really weren’t. This most definitely includes nonverbal communication. The cashier at the grocery store. Surely she doesn’t like you. She didn’t say hi and is not even looking at you. We have to give people the benefit of doubt. Maybe she is having a bad day and her mind is preoccupied right now. Yes she should be exerting excitement, smiling and being super friendly to her customers, but we have to be people of mercy.

The next time it seems like someone is dishing out hate toward you, don’t receive it. It is just NOISE! It’s the enemy trying to mess you up and get you to fall into a trap. Try your best to look deeper and see what the real message is that they are conveying. This is especially true when you are actually having a conversation with someone. Ask some questions.  Don’t take in any condemnation that is coming at you. Most likely it is not from the person. Even in the case where someone is not acting in love, we don’t have to take that in. BLOCK IT OUT!


May 27, 2010

Syncing Up with God

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Sync Icon

SO …today was a pretty productive day! I did some laundry, dishes, reading…pretty much tackeled some things on my never ending to do list. But this one simple task went wrong!!

I planned on exercising and wanted to put a sermon on my phone to keep my brain occupied. I asked my husband to do this for me and explicitly ( I think) made the statement “make sure you don’t sync it with Media Player”…Low and behold this is exactly what happened. I said a few silent prayers and was willing to except that some songs were added but really concerned about loosing some pre-historic music from another computer.

Sadly, I did loose the old music and got some music that I really could do with out. I must admit, I did get  PRETTY ANGRY for a hot minute. After I came to my senses (I did realize that with some effort I could rebuild my collection) it occurred to me that God might be speaking.

This is what I got:

Syncing up with God is of the same concept. For us to be more like Him not only do we get to receive and enjoy the many riches of His presence, but we have to let go of some things that we have held on to for a long time. The new material may be  blessings of all shapes and sizes: endless  love,  provision, wisdom, mercy, grace, etc. On the other hand, old ways of thinking, habbits, and the usual way of life most likely  need to be “deleted” from our memory drive <get it?? …hehe>.

If we want to be synced up with God, which is the goal of every believer,  we must not only be willing to receive but to surrender all that we have. Not knowing what was completely a part of my husband’s collection, I knew that some stuff was in common, but a lot wasn’t. In the same way, as He lives in us (after the old man has been cut off) there are things in us that are Christ like and can stay. This could be giftings He has placed in us or maybe areas where He has already worked on. The other character traits, those of the flesh, must go. There may be several times in your life where you will need to be synced up with God. It’s a process, be encouraged!!


Hopefully, I didn’t look too deep into this issue, but even if I did maybe it made it all worth it. I’m felling much better now and have all the more reason to purchase some new mp3s!

May 20, 2010

Is your God awesome?

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So I’ve been doing some thinking lately and it occurred to me that God is awesome: amazing, fascinating, incredible, marvelous,prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising,unbelievable, wonderful (synonyms from dictionary.com).

But unless we live this out we never fully get it. To me one of the many things that makes Him awesome is the fact the He wants to know me. We have a relationship; times together that no one will ever know about, we talk about everything, we go places meet people and the list continues. Someone of such great importance and influence wants to chill with me! Unbelieveable but it’s true!

Truly this is what makes Christianity stand out. I am dying to ask some one of another religion this question: Would you say the God you serve is awesome, amazing? I mean the God I serve is my Heavenly Father, he cares about everything about me and meets all my needs. He shares His secrets, things out of this world. There could be no greater treasure than to know Him.

Even if you are a believer, I encourage  you to ask yourself if you think of God as awesome. There is always more in Him.

May 18, 2010

Hello world!

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I finally made it! It probably didn’t have to be as difficult as I made it, but who would have thought that choosing a username would be such a challenge. Being the person that I am, I couldn’t use just any title – it needed to have meaning and be unique. My absolute favorite was “Hidden Treasures” so good yet so taken, same as many others.

I tried to think of other titles that are able to sum up what God has teaching me lately, but this is where the challenge came in.

After some time, Ask and Imagine seemed to stick. Read more for the back story:

I sometimes feel that if I can think of something, an idea, plan, *title, it isn’t all that great because God can easily come up with something so much better! Immediately after the title popped into my head, it dawned on me how active we must be as Christians. We MUST ask and imagine to see the word fulfilled (Him do more than that) or how else will we know. Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and the door will be open. It all starts with an action.

A couple of months ago I heard a sermon that urged believers to be more active in their faith versus passive and pushed around by life’s circumstances. In the same way, we can actively stand on God’s word and ask Him for our greatest heart desire. This can be career goals, personal goals, spiritual goals or anything!!! In light of this, don’t be afraid to ask or image because He is more than able and WILLING to do it (Ephesians 3:20Romans 8:32).