June 29, 2010

The Communication Model Revisited

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So if you have studied communication at any point you will have heard of the Communication Model. The main components being the sender, receiver, noise,  the message, and the channel the message is sent through (oh yes I passed my exam on this). Here is a visual for you visual learners:

Here is the thought. Although we intuitively understand that in order to communicate there must be someone who is sending it and someone who is receiving it. What we fail to grasp is the idea of noise. Yes it is the obnoxiously loud tv, endless chatter or laughter, the relentless fire truck siren and I could think of so many more, but we fail to grasp the spiritual ramifications.

I have to be entirely honest and admit that this thought initially came from Will Hart. I heard him speaking through a webcast at a conference some time ago. I don’t remember entirely what he was speaking on, but I do recall him saying something that could be taken in a good way or bad way – to build up or tear down. He made it clear that he was speaking in love and if you are feeling condemmed those are not the word coming out of his mouth. Over and over he said this as he shared a message filled with conviction. It stuck with me for some time. Recently I connected this idea with the Communication Model. Often when we are communicating in many ways we forget on a deeper level to block out the noise around us and focus on the actual message.

Just think about the last time you were offended at what you thought someone was saying that they really weren’t. This most definitely includes nonverbal communication. The cashier at the grocery store. Surely she doesn’t like you. She didn’t say hi and is not even looking at you. We have to give people the benefit of doubt. Maybe she is having a bad day and her mind is preoccupied right now. Yes she should be exerting excitement, smiling and being super friendly to her customers, but we have to be people of mercy.

The next time it seems like someone is dishing out hate toward you, don’t receive it. It is just NOISE! It’s the enemy trying to mess you up and get you to fall into a trap. Try your best to look deeper and see what the real message is that they are conveying. This is especially true when you are actually having a conversation with someone. Ask some questions.  Don’t take in any condemnation that is coming at you. Most likely it is not from the person. Even in the case where someone is not acting in love, we don’t have to take that in. BLOCK IT OUT!