May 21, 2011

Treated as Gold

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It’s awesome to know that God purifies us just as gold is purified: through fire. Ouch! The mind boggling thing is that we can actually find joy in this process. The joy comes from knowing that there is purpose in the experiences and hardships we go through. It is not always easy to see any meaning during the time, but God in His goodness often shows you that even in difficult times, His hand is at work.

I’ve come to realize that no matter what hardships you are facing, the real issue is trusting God. God, are you really doing something? Have you forgotten me? Do you really care? Will this situation ever change? The anwsers are yes, no, yes, and yes! He DOES have our back and promises not to leave us. Not trusting in God to be able to create opportunities or redeem circumstances is the root cause of stress in the believer’s life. Yet seeing His faithfulness (in the lives of others or looking back on your own life) will encourage you and give you a rightful perspective in a heart beat! Let’s keep our eyes fixed on the one that is bringing us through fire and into a place of great beauty and abundance.